Programs and Service Lines Pulmonary Service Line

Pulmonary Service Line

The Pulmonary Medicine and Allergy Unit provides diagnosis and treatment for respiratory diseases including; 

• Chronic respiratory diseases: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, chronic or persistent cough chronic respiratory failure
• Acute or chronic respiratory infections: bronchitis, pneumonia,tuberculosis
• Acute or chronic respiratory discomfort, short of breath

• Lung cancer and benign lung tumors

• Interstitial lung diseases

• Pulmonary vascular diseases: pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension
• Sleep-related respiratory disorders: sleep apnea; obesity hypoventilation syndrome;
• Secondary lung tumors (metastasis from other cancers) 

• Pleural diseases.

• Mediastinal tumors

• Esophageal tumors

• Tumors of the chest wall

• Trauma of the chest

• Hyperhydrosis (swelling of the hands and axilla)

• Chest wall deformities (funnel / pigeon chest)

• Diseases of the Diaphragma


Our pulmonary service line also consists a  smoking Cessation Clinic.


Pulmonary service line serves as an interlocutor between various departments which requires plays thoracic surgeons, oncologists, ENT specialists, cardiologists,  and many other specialists to colloborate on a daily basis.

In like manner, thoracic surgery plays a central role in cancer treatment thus thoracic surgeons work in collaboration with medical and radiation oncologists,pulmonologists,pathologists and nuclear medicine specialists.

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