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Your Comfort & Stay

In our hospitals your comfort comes first. In order to ensure your peace of mind, our health-care team will provide assistance at the highest quality and ensure that your expectations are met.

Patient Identification Band

During admission, you will be given an Identification Band along with a 7-digit hospital ID number. To expedite the process and for safety measures, make sure to keep your patient ID band on your arm or ankle.

Room Features

We offer a range of private rooms, suites and junior suites designed for the comfort of a single patient accommodation and their companions. All of our rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, cable TV with national and international channels.

Internet Access

Wi-Fi internet access is available free of charge within our hospitals.

Other Services

We provide concierge services to our international patients. Also, hairdresser and beautician services are available at our hospitals.


Ensuring the privacy of individuals is of utmost importance to us. Your medical information is considered as confidential and it will not be shared with any third parties.


Meal services are designed in compliance with the patient’s condition. Patient companions (friend or family member) are also offered a variety of meal and/or snack options at our cafeterias.

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