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Treatment and Care Team

We have put together a team of healthcare professionals to support our doctors and nurses for your treatment, comfort and peace of mind. 


We offer multidisciplinary approach to treatment and care during your stay, therefore numerous doctors will take care of you. However, the doctor who you have initially consulted with will be the main doctor who is responsible for you. The doctor who has approved your stay organizes and keeps track of your treatment. If your doctor is treating another patient or if they are outside the hospital, your floor doctors will follow-up your treatment. Our floor doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; hence your follow up will be carried out as planned without any interruptions. Once you have settled into your room, the floor doctors will make their first visit to your room, examine your medical records and examine what medications you have used before. During your stay your medication and diet plan will be according to your treatment. Our floor doctors will work in coordination with your doctor every step of your process.


Your floor nurses are responsible for your care here. When you are taken to your room, the nurses will introduce themselves to and will provide general information.


Our pharmacists work hand in hand with doctors and nurses to organize your medication. Their role is to set drug doses and take the necessary precautions for safe medication treatment.


Our dietitians work together with your doctor for your treatment needs and create an appropriate diet plan. This diet plan will be delivered to your room during your stay with us.


Your doctor may request some tests during the consultation phase to better evaluate your situation. You will receive your laboratory results on the day you come into the hospital and these results will be shared with your care team to deliver a complete treatment.


We have ambulances and hospital helicopters ready for patient transfers when required.

Intensive Care Unit

At our hospitals, Intensive Care Unit rooms are designed for individuals. You will not be sharing a room with other ICU patients, but you will have a dedicated ICU room for yourself which is monitored by our specialist and state of the art medical equipment’s 24/7.