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Our Facilities

All of our rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, cable TV with national and international channels, WIFI and an electronic safety deposit box. Meal services are designed in compliance with the patient’s condition. Patient companions (friend or family member) are also offered a variety of meal and/or snack options at our cafeterias and restaurants.

Room Services

  • Nurse Call System

You may communicate with the nurses with the system on the panel on your bedside and also from your bathroom.

  • Patient and Patient Companion’s Food

Your diet is a large part of your treatment and your food will be prepared by our dieticians according to your treatment plan and needs. Patients and their companion’s meals are served in the patient’s room and empty trays are taken at the most convenient time.

  • Telephone

Your room telephone extension is the same as your room door number. You may press 9 to make a call and 0 for the operator. All phone call costs made to reach outside of the hospital will added to your fee.

  • Television

The TV in your room has access to 44 domestic and foreign channels. You may also request a DVD player to be placed in you room by your nurse.

  • Internet

Free wireless internet service is available in our patient rooms.

  • Refrigerator

There is a mini-refrigerator for personal use inside of the wardrobe in your room.

  • Electrical Appliances and Lighting

You may use the outlets in your room and bathroom for the electronic devices you have brought with yourself.  You may control the lighting with remote on your side panel or the buttons near the entrances of your room. 

  • Air-condition System

You may control the room temperature and speed of the air conditioner with the air conditioner mounted on the wall near the entrance of you room.

  • Safe

There is an electronic safety deposit box inside your wardrobe for you to store any cash, important documents and valuables at your convenience.

  • Windows

For the safety of our patients the rooms in the patient rooms may opened 10 centimeters.

  • Patient Bed

Fully adjustable and electronically operated beds to adjust position of the bed, lights and temperature of the room and a nurse call system.

General Services

All of our hospitals are equipped with medical records department, newspaper kiosks, flower rooms, security team, cash machine, hair dresser and more to make your stay with us even more comfortable.

  • Medical Records

During your stay in the hospital the diagnosis, the epicrisis (A critical or analytical study, evaluation, or summing up of a medical case history) and your treatment summary will be given to you by your medical record secretary.

  • Flower Room

Flower sent by relatives may cause infections or allergies to the microorganisms they carry. In addition to this, flowers you place outside of your room may block exits to the hospital during fires or earthquakes. Because of these risks flowers are not accepted in patient's rooms. Your flowers will be held for your behalf in our Flower Room located on the ground floor and the sender’s information will be sent to your room. You may receive your flowers upon discharge from the hospital.

  •  Security

Security guards are on duty, 24 hours 7 days a week in all of our institutions.

  •  Hairdresser

We have a hairdresser on side free of charge for our patients and for a small fee for their relatives.

  •  Parking

You can park your vehicle quickly and hassle free in our parking area.

  •  Newspaper

Newspapers and magazines are sold every morning outside of your room.

  •  ATM/Bank

There is an ATM (cash machine), available in the ground floor of our hospitals.

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