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Integrated Patient Care

Integrated Patient Care

Koç Healthcare appreciates that each patient is unique, has special needs and requires a tailored approach. To deliver the best possible care, we organize our healthcare services according to comprehensive care groups thereby putting the patients in the center of our system. Integrated patient care is the combination of delivery, management and organization of healthcare services in order to enable an increased quality of care, maximized treatment efficiency, and enhanced patient satisfaction simultaneously.

Our integrated patient care coordinates professionals, facilities, and support systems in contemplation of delivering the best and the most appropriate care for you with the help of our personalized evaluation and treatment policies.

Healthcare institutions usually organize their care areas according to clinical specialties: such as General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery. Although this approach may bring out efficient working groups in terms training, it evaluates health conditions solely from healthcare professionals’ point of view. On the contrary, integrated care areas, aim to reverse this perspective and put the patient in the true center of the healthcare delivery. In real life, patients often have conditions that are related with multiple specialties, and their treatment plans require collaboration from different experts from various fields. Therefore, the ideal patient care necessitates synergistic teamwork, expertise, and compassionate professionals.

As Koç Healthcare Institutions, we provide continuity of care through comprehensive healthcare informatics, coordinated teamwork, and well defined care pathways. We tailor our reliable and evidence-based approaches according to our patients’ unique needs in order to deliver the right care for the right patient every time.

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