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Delivery and Birth

Delivery and Birth

Please see below detailed information regarding our Delivery and Birth Program:


Routine Baby Care Procedures Included In Normal Delivery & C-section Packages

The complete and perfect care services performed during the hospitalization of the new-born is also included in the C-section packet. New-born resuscitation: A pediatrician experienced in new-born resuscitation attends to all deliveries. Sterile materials are used for all babies.

Rooming in: In our baby-friendly hospital, babies stay with their mothers in the same room as much as possible (rooming in); from the moment mother comes from delivery, babies, whose initial care procedures are performed, are brought to their mothers for lactation.


1. Vitamin K: Vitamin K is administered to each new-born in order to prevent bleeding.

2. Antibiotic care for eyes: Eye care is performed to a new-born in order to prevent eye in_ammations, which may result in blindness.

3. Belly care: Care procedures are performed to the most frequent infection source for babies.

4. Hepatitis B vaccine: Each new-born is vaccinated for Hepatitis B (microbial hepatitis) in the very _rst hours of their lives. Thereby, the vaccine program is started. Tiomercole-free vaccine, the most reliable for the new-born, is administered.

Services for supporting mothers:

1. Lactation training: Each mother is trained by experienced nurses for benefits of lactation, lactation positions, breast problems and baby care. Mothers are accompanied and helped during lactation. Mothers watch training videos from closed circuit video systems.

2. Diet consultation for mothers: Diet and nutritional training for post-delivery and lactation periods are given. Plans and suggestions are made for post-delivery weight loss.

3. Lactation consultancy: Consultants visit, evaluates and monitor mothers having lactation problems.

Routine blood tests:

1. Blood type: Blood type of each new-born is determined right after delivery (free of charge). A blood-type card will be provided to the parents.

2. Blood sugar: Nutrition of each baby is monitored until it reaches a normal rhythm.

3. New-born screening tests (TSH, phenylketonuria, metabolic diseases and heel test): TSH and phenylketonuria (intelligence test) are run 72 hours after birth and results are mailed to families.

Hearing test: Hearing test is performed to each new-born. Hearing specialist performs hearing to every 48-hour baby. If a hearing problem is detected, hearing specialist performs the necessary procedures.

Pediatric controls: Babies are examined every day and families are informed.

Jaundice: The degree of new-born jaundice is determined by running the total bilirubin test before discharge. Jaundice degree is determined according to the level of the baby.

***The pre-op (laboratory) tests are included in the above mentioned delivery package. Above mentioned Baby Package Program will not be applicable if the patient/baby needs any other operation due to either personal preferences or potential complications that may occur during delivery. Similarly, if Neonatal Intensive Care is needed, the Baby Package Program will not be applicable and all treatment costs will be charged accordingly. Any additional procedure, consultation and/or diagnostic test not included in the Baby Package will be charged separately.

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