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Rahmi M. Koç Academy of Interventional Medicine, Education, and Simulation

Encompassing 5 floors and 6,500 m2, RMK AIMES is equipped with outstanding infrastructure and technology to accommodate healthcare providers across the spectrum (physicians, surgeons, interventionists, nurses, students, researchers etc.) and improve healthcare through the use of simulation and advanced learning approaches. The state of the art facilities are suitable and flexible in terms of design to support a broad spectrum of healthcare educational activities.

RMK AIMES offers the healthcare professionals different simulation and advanced training modalities with quality and accreditation requirements, to provide the best level of healthcare and to ensure the highest level of patient safety with the main goal to be a reference training and education center in national and international level

It is located at the Koç University Medical Sciences Campus, in the European side of Istanbul,

Every floor is dedicated for different training modalities;


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