Our department actively participates in education of students and was authorized by TUKMOS in 2018 to offer subspecialty education. The first subspecialty assistant started education in January 2020. Below are the outlines of our subspecialty program:



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Diabetes and pediatric endocrinology (mainly polyclinic in years 1 and 2, less polyclinic time on year 3 than the initial 2 years)


Observation of pediatric endocrinology inpatients at the Pediatrics ward (under supervision of faculty members)


Project planning

Realization of planned projects

Scribing conducted projects and submission to journals

Academic presentations

  •          Participation in weekly general pediatrics seminars
  •         Pediatric endocrinology seminars and introduction meetings. Delivery of presentations personally by subspecialty research fellows is encouraged and supported by faculty members on these occasions. 

National and international conventions

  •         Participation in the annual national pediatric endocrinology convention
  •         Participation in the European Society of Pediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) convention
  •         Applications to ESPE’s summer and winter courses are supported. 
  •         Participation in courses organized by the national pediatric and diabetes association (particularly recently)

Summer camp for diabetic children

Participation in the 6/7-day “My Friend Diabetes” camp every July and the My Friend Diabetes Parents’ camp every August. 




Medical Genetics

Adult Endocrinology


Training courses organized by our department within the past 1 year

a) Course on effective use of online continuous glucose monitoring (June 27-28th, 2020)

b) Koç University Hospital, 1st Pediatric Diabetes Days - First-gen artificial pancreas systems and advanced technologies (November 15-16th, 2019)

c) Diabetes at School Program - School nurses meeting (June 2019)

d) Pediatric Diabetes Training Program - Effective use of online continuous glucose monitoring (May 26th, 2018)

Pediatric Diabetes Training Program - Effective use of technology and carbohydrate counting (November 3rd,  2018)

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