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1. What is an online physician consultation?

Within the scope of Koç e-Health, an online physician consultation is a health service that provides remote online meetings where one connects with a specific doctor without physically attending our hospitals.


2. Which VKV institutions are offering online physcian consultation services?

The online physician consultation service’ is provided by the American Hospital, MedAmerican Ambulatory Care Center and Koç University Hospital.


3. How can I receive an online physician consultation’ appointment?

To make an appointment at American Hospital, please contact us at +90 212 444 3777, press 9 for English and then 3 to reach a call center representative.

To make an appointment at Koç University Hospital, please contact us at +90 212 850 250 8250, press 9 for English and then 3 to reach a call center representative.

To make an appointment at MedAmerican Ambulatory Care Center, please contact us at +90 216 468 2555, press 9 for English and then 1 to reach a call center representative.


Alternatively, you may send your appointment requests via e-mail to info@kochealthcare.org


4. With which physician and associated fields of medicine can I receive an online appointment?

We provide services representing all fields of medicine involving all doctors who are available. For more information, you may contact our call center for assistance.


5. During which hours can I use the online physician consultation services?

During the weekdays, you may make an appointment with all available doctors representing all fields of medicine between 09:00 - 17:00. You may also request for an appointment on Saturday between 09:00 - 13:00.


6. Which application do I need to use for an online physician consultation? Can I receive further information on this subject?

Meetings are initiated through the Microsoft Teams application. You can connect to the online call at your appointment time by clicking the link sent to your e-mail address without installing any additional applications to your computer. If you want to connect via your mobile phone, you can download the Microsoft Teams application free of charge from the Google Play Store or App Store to your mobile phone via the links below.

Microsoft Teams (iOs)

Microsoft Teams (Android)

If you experience a connection problem with Microsoft Teams, calls will be made through WhatsApp. At your appointment time, your doctor will initiate a video call on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp (iOs)

WhatsApp (Android)


7. What medical documents should I have with me during the online consultation appointment?

Your doctor will be able to access your old records from our hospital database during your online meeting. We kindly ask you to have ready any additional relevant and recent medical documents (if any) with you at the meeting.


8. How long does the online meeting take? Do I pay an additional fee if the standard call duration is exceeded?

An online physician consultation is planned for a standard 15 minutes. This period can be extended if your doctor deems it necessary. If the planned meeting time is exceeded, no additional fee is charged. The duration of the appointments from the Psychiatry, Psychology, Nutrition and Diet Departments varies. You can receive detailed information about our fees concerning appointment duration from our call center representatives.


9. How and when do I pay for the online physician consultation?

Online consultation fees can be paid by money order or credit card. After your appointment has been created, we will send you an e-mail with payment details.


10. What happens if I do not attend my online consultation appointment at the agreed time?

You can cancel your appointment or set a new appointment date by contacting our call center two hours before your appointment is due to start. If you cancel two hours before the appointment, you will be refunded.

If the appointment is not possible due to a technical problem, you can request a refund or a new appointment time from our representatives.


11. Will I have a follow-up examination? If so how many days can I exercise my right to receive a free of charge follow-up examination?

You have the right to a follow-up examination (online or face-to-face) within 15 days of the initial appointment; a convenient date and time can be determined by you and your doctor. After a physical examination, you can use our online service to receive a follow-up examination and any subsequent results.


12. During the online consultation, my doctor referred me to another department. Will I pay an additional fee?

Each online consultation appointment arranged will be charged separately.


13. What should I do if my physician asks for laboratory tests and radiology imaging?

For laboratory tests, you can benefit from the American Hospital Blood Sample Collection Services at your home for an additional fee. You can send your request via the link https://www.amerikanhastanesi.org/evde-kan-almaYou will need to visit our hospital for any laboratory tests and radiology imaging that cannot be performed at home.


14. Is the information that I provide during the online consultation covered by Data Protection Law? Are these meetings recorded?

As per the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data and for the purpose of maintaining confidentiality, consultation content is not recorded in audiovisual format; it is kept in writing as part of your medical records.


15. What is the online physician consultation service fee?

You can find out pricing information by contacting our call center.


16. Is the online physician consultation service covered by private health insurance?

There is no agreement yet with private health insurance companies for online physician consultation services.

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