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Comprehensive Pediatric Diabetes Program

Comprehensive Pediatric Diabetes Program

Although diabetes is primarily known as an adult disease, it is also encountered among children, starting from early ages. Type 1 diabetes among children occurs due to permanent deficiency of the insulin hormone, which regulates blood glucose levels. Therefore, once diagnosed, diabetic children are required to measure blood glucose levels at least 4-6 times a day and receive insulin hormone externally by means of injection or an insulin pump accordingly. 

Diabetic training is as important as insulin intake and treatment in terms of long-term follow-up and leading a healthy life. Diabetes has recently become not so much of a burden for children and parents after the advent of “Flexible Diabetes Therapy”, which is essentially based on carbohydrate counting. Training also plays an important role in alleviating level of concern for diabetic children and their parents. While diagnosed children are provided with basic information after being admitted to a hospital, diabetic children camps also offer quite an effective means of training by enabling children to meet physicians, nurses, dietitians and other experienced diabetic peers. 

All of these efforts should also be reinforced with support in the school setting, resilience building to cope with diabetes, early diagnosis of possible mental problems, a diabetic-friendly life and guidance on the route to adult life.

The Comprehensive Pediatric Diabetes Program includes the following:

  • Physician consultation for 45 minutes at minimum for type 1 diabetes patients presenting for the first time, who are then given a written report on the physician’s recommendations/glycemic targets.
  • Basic training updates and advanced training (consultations once with a nurse, 3 times with a dietitian and once with a psychologist - training on carbohydrate, protein and fat count as well as exercise management).
  • Constant communication with the diabetes team.
  • Dietitian consultation during at least one of every two visits.
  • Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (sensors) for cases where it is possible. 
  • Use of insulin pump for cases where it is possible. 
  • “First Visit Package” and “Insulin Pump Therapy Package” aimed at facilitating access to our programs and payment.


Aside from diagnosis and treatment, our team offers consultancy to children and parents in the following matters to facilitate life with diabetes:

Inpatient treatment and training of children recently diagnosed with diabetes

Treatment of urgent conditions such as diabetic ketoacidosis

Placement of insulin pumps and follow-up

Placement of next-gen blood glucose measurement systems (which do not require fingertip puncture) and follow-up

Structured diabetes training and provision of training material

Training on carbohydrate count/management

Mental health observation and resilience training

Emergency support and consultancy

Experience sharing meetings with diabetic peers and experienced patients/cultural trips

Participation in the ‘My Friend Diabetes’ camp set up in İznik each year

Participation in the ‘My Friend Diabetes’ parents’ camp set up in Uludağ each year

Diabetes at School Program 

- Support for diabetic children and parents in need/mentor parent program

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