Doctors Serhan Tanju M.D.

Serhan Tanju M.D.

Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery

Assoc. Prof. Serhan Tanju, M. D. was born in 1975 in Eskişehir. After finishing his high school in Hüseyin Avni Sözen Anatolian High School in 1993, he graduated from I.U. Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1999. He finished his residency in Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Department of Thoracic Surgery in 2005 and worked there as an attending thoracic surgeon until 2013. Between 2011-2012, he participated in clinical research on minimally invasive thoracic surgery and lung transplantation in Columbia University, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Department of Thoracic Surgery. He received his Associate Professor degree in Thoracic Surgery in June 2012. Between January 2013-July 2014, he worked in VKV Amerikan Hospital. He is working in Koç University School of Medicine Department of Thoracic Surgery and Koç University Hospital since July 2014.