Doctors Özge Kılıç M.D.

Özge Kılıç M.D.


Ozge Kilic, MD. was born in in Ankara. After finishing her high school in Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School in 2001, she graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 2007. She finished her residency in Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty Department of Psychiatry in 2007. In 2012, she participated in a clinical attachment of Liaison Psychiatry and Acute Addictions Units of Maudsley Hospital, King‘s College London. Between 2013-2015, she worked as a psychiatrist in Abant Izzet Baysal University, Izzet Baysal Mental Health Research and Training Hospital in Bolu as part of the Turkish mandatory service. She is working in Koc University Hospital and Koc University Health Center since January 2016. Her main areas of interest are consultation liaison psychiatry, depression, somatic symptom disorders, adult attention and hyperactivity disorder and adult autism spectrum disorders.