Doctors Boğaç Özserezli M.D.

Boğaç Özserezli M.D.

Intensive Care Units

Boğaç Özserezli, M.D. was born in 1978 in İstanbul. After finishing his high school in Beşiktaş Atatürk Anadolu High School in 1995, he graduated from I.U. Istanbul (Çapa) Faculty of Medicine in 2004. He finished his residency in Kocaeli University Anesthesiology Department in 2010. For mandatory goverment duty worked in Ağrı Public Hospital until May 2012. Between 2012-2014 he worked in GİSBİR Private Hospital. He worked in Acıbadem Health Group’s Ataşehir Surgical Center until November 2014. In 2008 he worked at Hospital São João, University of Porto Anesthesiology Department by European Union’s Erasmus program as a clinician. He is working in Koç University Hospital Intensive Care Unit since November 2014.