Doctors Ayfer Arduç Akçay M.D.

Ayfer Arduç Akçay M.D.


Ayfer Arduç Akçay M. D. was born in 1978 in İstanbul. After graduated from Kocaeli Science high school in 1995, she graduated from I.U. Cerrahpaşa Faculty of  Medicine in  2008, she completed the specialist Bakırköy Obstetric Medicine and Children's Hospital. In 2008-2009, She made her obligatory service in Mardin, Maternity and Children's Hospital . She completed her sub-branch specialization in Ege U. School of Medicine department of Pediatrics in 2013.  She completed her compulsory service containing Children Diseases Clinic at Istanbul Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital in 2015.  Since October  2015 at working at Koç University Hospital.

Education/Training Institution Year
Medical Faculty İstanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine 2002
Residency Bakırköy Obstetric Medicine and Children's Hospital 2008
Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child Neurology 2012
Academic Title Institution Year
Mardin Maternity and Children’s Hospital 2008
Denizli State Hospital 2013
Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital 2014
Koç University Hospital 2015